Carducci Art Law | Short Articles
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Short Articles in Professional Journals

i) Ethics, Law and Heritage, ICOM News, 2005

ii) Le règlement pacifique des litiges et les biens culturels, Lettre de l’ICOM, 2006

iii) Is International Energy Law Specialized and Self-contained—or Is Conflict of Laws “Evergreen” in Contract and Property Energy Disputes?

Published (in English) in International Law News (ILN, Energy Law Issue), American Bar Association (International Law Section), 2015

iv) Major Infrastructure Projects in E.U. Private International Law: Jurisdiction and Conflict of Laws

Published (in English) in Construction Law International (CLInt, 2013), International Construction Projects Committee, International Bar Association

v) Preventing Parallel Court and Arbitral Proceedings: is the French “Negative” Effect of Kompetenz-Kompetenz a Model for International Commercial Arbitration?

Published (in English) in ACICA News, 2013

vi) Do Current Trends and Globalization of Markets Diversify the Role of Arbitrators ?

Published (in French) in Lettre de la Chambre Arbitrale Internationale de Paris, September 2016