Carducci Art Law | Indipendent practice in international art, cultural property and heritage law, arbitration, ADR, litigation
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Carducci Art Law (Paris - London - Rome)


Arbitrator, Legal Counsel and Expert

Law Professor, Attorney-at-Law, Chartered Arbitrator, Paris – London – Rome

Former Chief, International Standards Section, UNESCO

Former UNESCO Mediator between the UK and Greece concerning the Parthenon Marbles

Art, Cultural Property and Heritage, Law and Disputes

International Law (Public and Private), EU, French, Italian and English Law

Law Professor – Attorney-at-Law – Chartered Arbitrator (FCIArb)

Former Chief, International Standards Section, UNESCO (HQ Paris) Responsible for the Cultural Property and Heritage Conventions

Former Mediator between the United Kingdom and Greece on the Claim for the Return of the Parthenon Marbles in the British Museum

Member of three ICC Commissions: Arbitration and ADR – Commercial Law – Competition

Panels of Arbitrators: ICDR, CIArb, WIPO, JCAA, HKIAC, BVI, CMAP, Formerly ICSID, CAS and SIAC

Former Vice-Chair International Arbitration and International Litigation Committees, American Bar Association

Fluent in English, French, Spanish, German, Italian

Publications: 2 Monographs and 55 Articles in Law Journals

Ph.D. in International Law (Paris II) – Ph.D. in Comparative Contract Law (Rome I) – Diploma, The Hague Academy of International Law


uido Carducci is a Law Professor in Paris, an Attorney-at-Law in Rome, a Chartered Arbitrator and International Tenant and Arbitrator with 4-5 Gray’s Inn Square, London. Recognized in The Legal 500 : Dispute Resolution

Former Chief of the International Standards Section at UNESCO (Paris Headquarters) he was in charge of international standard-setting, the elaboration and implementation in (192) Member States of UNESCO Conventions, Recommendations and Declarations on art, cultural property and heritage, and of two intergovernmental committees

A leading authority in the field of return and restitution of stolen, looted and illegally exported art and cultural property, in time of peace, occupation, war:

i) Acted as mediator between Greece and the United Kingdom on the Claim for the Return of the Parthenon Marbles in the British Museum

ii) Was in charge of the integovernmental negotation of the UNESCO « Draft Declaration of Principles Relating to Cultural Objects Displaced in Connection with the Second World War »

iii) Was in charge of the UNESCO Intergovernmental Committee for the Return and Restitution of Cultural Property in case of Illicit Appropriation

iv) More recently the EU Parliament sought his expertise and views as to a Draft Instrument on the Return of Looted Cultural Objects in Connection to the Second World War

v) Authored a treatise on art restitution and several articles in leading law reviews

A recognized expert in the implementation of the following UNESCO Conventions:

Illicit trafficking of cultural property (1970)

World cultural and natural heritage (1972)

Underwater cultural heritage (2001)

Cultural property in the event of armed conflict (1954, 1999)

Intangible cultural heritage (2003)


To the benefit of the private and public sectors he combines:

i) specialized expertise in: i) art, cultural property and heritage law; and beyond ii)  property and contract law, private and public international law, that govern additional  aspects of cultural property

ii) experience with Governments worldwide in art, cultural property and heritage, as to their policies, laws, treaty-making, implementation of international obligations

iii) experience as arbitrator, mediator and in cultural diplomacy

iv) academic, intergovernmental and indipendent private practice experience

v) independence, publications and five working languages

Publications include 55 articles in law journals and two monographs

International Art Restitution Claims (LGDJ Paris)

Arbitration in France: Law and Practice (forthcoming Oxford University Press)

Works in: English, French, Spanish, German, Italian (Fair Portuguese)

Acts as Arbitrator, Counsel, Advisor, Consulting and Testifying Expert:

  1. in art and cultural property law, restitution and return, looted art

  2. in commercial, investment, treaty, law (visit

i) in International Law:

Former Chief, International Standards Section, UNESCO HQ Paris. Italian Delegate in treaty-making. Ph.D. Diploma Hague Academy of International Law. Regular speaker

ii) in International Arbitration, Comparative Conflict of Laws, International Business Law:

Arbitrator, Expert Witness, Counsel, Law Professor in Paris (former Visiting Professor at the Universities of Miami, Hong Kong, Rome, Thessaloniki)

Member ICC Commissions on Arbitration, Competition, Commercial Law. Chartered Arbitrator, Fellow and Faculty of the Chartered Institute of Arbitrators. Regular speaker. Experience in treaty-making at the Hague Conference of Private International Law and UNIDROIT

iii) in EU Law:

Law Professor. EU Expert for the Elaboration of EU Regulation N.650/2012 on International Successions. EU Parliament Expert on art law and return of looted art

iv) in French Law:

Law Professor in French and EU contract, commercial, company, conflict of laws, international business and arbitration law (Maître de Conférences des Facultés de droit, Paris). Ph.D (Docteur en droit, Univ. Paris II). Post-graduate specialisations (DEAs) in commercial, EU, private-public international law. Full French legal education. Eligible for membership in the Paris Bar (currently not Avocat à la Cour)

v) in Italian Law:

Attorney-at-Law in Rome (Avvocato) admitted also before Supreme Courts (Patrocinante in Cassazione), Ph.D. (Dottore di Ricerca University Rome I). Full Italian legal education

vi) in English Law:

International Tenant and Arbitrator 4-5 Gray’s Inn Square, London. Registered European Lawyer in England and Wales. Professor/Lecturer of English Business Law (2015-Present)

Activities related to U.S. Law:

ICDR Panel of Arbitrators. Former Visiting Professor University of Miami. Professor/Lecturer of U.S. Business Law (2015-2022). American Bar Association (ABA): Vice-Chair International Arbitration Committee, ABA Observer “Uniform Commercial Code and Emerging Technologies Committee” Uniform Law Commission.