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Carducci Art Law (Paris - London - Rome)




ndependent arbitrator, legal expert (witness) and counsel, in Paris, Rome and London, Dr.Carducci is a law professor (MCF, HDR) teaching mainly Commercial Law and International Business Law, at times Art and Cultural Property Law, in Paris, an attorney-at-law in Rome, International Tenant and Arbitrator at 4-5 Gray’s Inn Square, London. He is a Chartered Arbitrator (FCIArb) on several Panels of arbitrators

He is  the former Chief of the International Standards Section at UNESCO (Paris Headquarters) and was in charge of international standard-setting and treaty-making, of the implementation of UNESCO Conventions, Recommendations and Declarations on art, cultural property and heritage, and of two intergovernmental committees, for UNESCO and its (192) Member States

A leading authority in the field of return and restitution of stolen, looted and illegally exported art and cultural property, in time of peace, occupation, war. He published a treatise in 1997, many articles, and acted as mediator between Greece and the United Kingdom with regard to the Parthenon Marbles in the British Museum. He was in charge of the integovernmental negotation of the UNESCO Draft Declaration of Principles Relating to Cultural Objects Displaced in Connection with the Second World War. More recently the EU Parliament sought his expertise and views as to a Draft Instrument on the Return of Looted Cultural Objects in Connection to the Second World War

A recognized expert in the implementation of the UNESCO Conventions on illicit trafficking of cultural property (1970), underwater cultural heritage (2001), cultural property in the event of armed conflict (1954, 1999), intangible cultural heritage (2003)

He provides a unique combination of specialized legal expertise in art, cultural property and heritage, experience with Governments worldwide in protecting art and cultural property, experience in treaty-making in international art, cultural property and heritage law, expertise in commercial law, private and public international law, academic, intergovernmental and private practice experience, independence and five working languages, distinctions and publications, to the benefit of the private and public sectors, and of artists, museums and governments alike

In addition to his experience in cultural diplomacy and mediator on the Parthenon Marbles his credentials in international dispute-settlement include Chartered Arbitrator, Fellow and Faculty status of the Chartered Institute of Arbitrators, member of the ICC Commissions on Arbitration and ADR, Commercial Law, Competition, Former Vice-Chair of the American Bar Association’s International Arbitration Committee and International Litigation Committee, publications, regular speaker

Experience includes appointments as arbitrator, expert (witness), counsel as to international cases, in English, French, Spanish and Italian

Two websites inform as to practice areas: 

1. here at as to International Art, Cultural Property and Heritage Law, Transactions and Dispute Resolution (Arbitration, Litigation, Cultural Diplomacy and ADR)

2. at  as to International Commercial and Investment Law, Transactions and Dispute Resolution, i.e. parts of law which govern most aspects of any art and cultural property legal action, operation, including complex international transfers (exhibitions etc.) and transactions