Carducci Art Law | Status and Intergovernmental Responsibilities
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International and Intergovernmental Legal Experience: Chief of the International Standards Section, UNESCO Headquarters (2002-2008)

Status and Intergovernmental Responsibilities

Former Chief of the International Standards Section, the legal and treaty section assisting and advising (192) Member States in international standard-setting (hard and soft law) and related matters

This position (P5) involved an extensive international experience assisting and advising Governments of (192) Member States, in civil and common law jurisdictions:

a) in treaty-making, law and practice of treaties

b) in the implementation of treaty obligations, drafting suitable implementing legislation and state responsibility

c) in the elaboration and negotiation of (hard- and soft-law) international standard-setting instruments: conventions, declarations, recommendations, principles

d) in art and cultural property protection, restitution claims, cultural diplomacy

e) legal expert and speaker in Paris (UNESCO HQ) and worldwide in meetings of policy and legal experts from Member States