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18 Mai Underwater Cultural Heritage

Underwater Cultural Heritage Most of the ocean and seabed is unexplored. A significant part of sites, vessels, aircrafts and their cargo and contents have been for centuries on the seabed. However, development in technology has rapidly increased the exploration and the exploitation of the seabed.... READ MORE

18 Mai Art and Armed Conflict

Art and Armed Conflict Destruction of cultural property and heritage and looting of artifacts during an interstate armed conflict has been a regular practice for many centuries. It took a longtime to the international community of states to commit, by suitable international law provisions, to... READ MORE

18 Mai Investment and Acquisition, Transactions and Trade

Investment and Acquisition, Transactions and Trade Investment in modern and contemporary art and in cultural property has grown over the years Investors seek return and failing to properly address the legal components of investment leads to increased financial risk, overestimations or underestimations of returns Acquisition of... READ MORE

21 Avr Roles, Services and Legal Systems

Roles, Services and Legal Systems Working Languages: English, French, Spanish, German, Italian (mother tongue), fair Portuguese   Roles, Services : acts as arbitrator in ad hoc and institutional arbitration acts as legal expert (witness), providing independent, balanced and detailed legal opinions on matters disputed in... READ MORE

21 Avr Main Features

Main Features : Based mostly in Paris, Prof.Carducci works in Europe and internationally Working languages: English, French, Spanish, German, Italian (mother tongue), fair Portuguese Prof.Carducci’s services rely on these complementary features: International and intergovernmental experience as Chief of the International Standards Section at UNESCO (Paris Headquarters) in... READ MORE