Carducci Art Law | Main Questions as Appointed Arbitrator or Expert
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Samples of Questions Dealt With as Arbitrator or Expert

  1. Breach or termination of contract
  2. Sovereign immunity
  3. Bilingual and multiparty proceedings, party in default, interim measures, arbitration agreements and non-signatories
  4. Enforceability of arbitral awards
  5. Jurisdiction of national courts with regard to international disputes
  6. Legal characterization of claims, identification of the law governing substance, procedure, conflict of laws
  7. Applicability of mandatory rules, of overriding mandatory rules (or internationally mandatory rules / lois de police, leyes de policia, Eingriffsnormen, norme di applicazione necessaria) outside the proper law of contract
  8. Interpretation of arbitration agreements, determination of their legal effects, also on court proceedings initiated by one of the parties to the agreement
  9. Applicability of BITs, ICSID Convention