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Regular Speaker and Conferences Given on International Arbitration Law and Practice (non-exhaustive list):

International Art and Cultural Property Disputes, ADR and Arbitration:

  • Key Speaker in UNESCO Conferences given worldwide for its Member States, the public and private sectors 
  • Art and Arbitration, Permanent Court of Arbitration, Peace Palace, The Hague
  • International Arbitration Club of New York: Arbitration of Art and Cultural Property Related  International Disputes: Law and Practice beyond Republic of Austria et al. v. Altmann 
  • French Arbitration Committee (CFA, Paris) : Objets d’art, Cultural Property and International Arbitration 
  • German Institution of Arbitration (DIS, Bertlin) Art and Dispute Resolution
  • Speaker on various topics at the International Bar Association (IBA) Annual Meetings: San Francisco (International Art Transactions), Auckland (ADR and Art Law), etc. 
  • Current legal challenges for Museums, St.Petersburg International Legal Forum 
  • American Bar Association: The Risks Related  to Investing Internationally in Art 
  • Milan Bar Association: Art Market and the Law

ICC Arbitration:

  • Speaker at ICC PIDA Seminars (ICC Paris)

International Commercial Arbitration:

  • American Bar Association: The First Annual International Litigation Skills Conference: “International Hearings in the Age of Remote Practice”
  • New York International Arbitration Center (NYIAC): International Anti-suit and Anti-arbitration Injunctions before Arbitral Tribunals and Courts in Comparative Perspective
  • International Bar Association (IBA) Annual Meetings in Prague (International Commercial Transactions Committee), and in Chicago (International Commercial Arbitration Committee)
  • International Arbitration Club (London):
  • i) Has the New Brussels I EU Regulation 1215 Imposed Any Change Upon International Arbitration and Arbitration-related Litigation in the EU ?
  • ii) What Consequences Would “Brexit” Have on International Commercial and Investment Arbitration in the United Kingdom ?
  • International Arbitration Club of New York: Preliminary Relief and Interim Measures in International Commercial and Investment Arbitration
  • Hong Kong International Arbitration Centre and CIArb Hong Kong Branch: Should the 1958 N.Y. Convention be revised?
  • Chartered Institute of Arbitrators (London): Conflicts of Interests in International Commercial and Investment Arbitration
  • Hong Kong Institute of Arbitrators: Validity and Breach of Arbitration Agreements and Anti-Suit Injunctions in Comparative Perspective
  • American Bar Association: Parallel Court and Arbitration Proceedings 
  • New York City Chapter, Chartered Institute of Arbitrators: Non-national Law in International Litigation and Arbitration
  • King’s College London: Law and Practice of International Contracts, Europe and Emerging Markets
  • Dublin Forums on Arbitration: Arbitration and Competition Law; Arbitration and IP Law
  • CILS Salzburg: Dealing with Counterclaims in International Commercial and Investment Arbitration
  • George Washington University (Washington DC) and ICC: National Courts and International Commercial Arbitration (Rapporteur on French arbitration law)
  • Pontificia Universidade Catolica de Sao Paulo: Current Issues of International Commercial Arbitration in Comparative Perspective 
  • City University of Hong Kong: Breach of Valid Arbitration Agreements, Court Referral to Arbitration, Res Judicata and Parallel Proceedings in International Commercial and Investment Arbitration
  •  XII Rio de Janeiro International Arbitration Conference: Soft Law in International Arbitration and the Applicable Law or Rules of Law to the Merits 
  • Conference of the UAE Government, Abu Dhabi: E.U. Arbitration and Mediation Law
  • IPA Conference (in Spanish): The Reform of Swiss Arbitration Law

Investment and ICSID Arbitration: 

  • King’s College London: Defining Investment in Investment Arbitration: ICSID, NAFTA, Energy Charter Treaty
  • Hong Kong International Arbitration Centre ADR in Asia Conference: Hot Topics in Investment Arbitration
  • Suffolk University, Boston : Review of Investor-State Awards other than by ICSID Annulment
  • American University of Cairo: ICSID Arbitration
  • Düsseldorf International Arbitration School: E.U. Law, Investment and Arbitration
  • Union of Turkish Bars: Current topics on the New York and the ICSID Conventions

Investment Arbitration and EU Law: 

  • Chartered Institute of Arbitrators (London): Intra EU BITs, Investment Arbitration and EU Law  

Disputes Involving States:

  • New York City Bar: Sovereign Immunity in International and European Law
  • Chartered Institute of Arbitrators, London: International Mediation, Conciliation, Arbitration involving Governments

International Construction Disputes:

  • King’s College Centre for Construction Law 25th Anniversary Conference: Sub-contracts in Comparative Construction and Arbitration Law
  • International Bar Association (IBA) Annual Meeting (Dublin, International Construction Projects Committee): Major infrastructure projects: Jurisdiction and Applicable Law in the EU (Article published in Clint)

International Arbitration Sport:

  • ICC Paris and CIArb (Centennial Conference) : What is International Sport-related Arbitration (CAS and more)