Carducci Art Law | International Litigation and Advisory
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International Litigation and Advisory

In addition to international arbitration, experience in international advisory and litigation includes acting as:

Legal Counsel and Consultant:

i) Representation
ii) Various transactional work

Independent Legal Expert (Witness):

for International Organizations, corporations and international law firms

EU Law-making:

Independent Legal Expert and Advisor to the European Union: in comparative conflict of laws and expert for the ESEC in the elaboration process of the E.U. Regulation 650/2012 of 4 July 2012 on International Successions (Jurisdiction, Applicable Law, Recognition and Enforcement of Judgments)

Government Representative in Treaty-making:

Italian Delegate to the intergovernmental negotiation of the 2001 UNESCO Underwater Cultural Heritage Convention (law of the sea, maritime law, salvage law)

Earlier Experience in Treaty-making:

In earlier years: Secrétaire-rédacteur of the following International Organizations during their Diplomatic Conferences where Member States negotiated and adopted uniform law treaties:

The Hague Conference of Private International Law (1993-97)

Institute for the Unification of Private Law, UNIDROIT (1995)