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21 Avr Book Reviews

Book Reviews Prof.Carducci publishes regulary reviews in Clunet Journal de droit international of books and monographs in his fields of expertise and interest. Such reviews include the following books:   G.Born, International Commercial Arbitration, Wolters Kluwer,  2014, Vol.I, Vol.II, Vol.III (3303 p.) M.Arroyo (Ed.), Arbitration... READ MORE

21 Avr Articles

Articles Articles published in Law Journals 38)  A State’s Capacity and the EU’s Competence to Conclude a Treaty, Invalidate, Terminate – and ‘‘Preclude’’ in Achmea – a Treaty or BIT of Member States, a State’s Consent to be Bound by a Treaty or to Arbitration,... READ MORE

21 Avr Books

Books Law and Practice of Arbitration in France. Commentary and Treatise on Commercial and Investment Arbitration, Oxford University Press, 750 pages, 2018 => Visit OUP Website International Restitution Claims of Stolen or Illegally Exported Works of Art and Cultural Property : Private International Law, European Directive, UNESCO... READ MORE